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Food provides more than nourishment; it nourishes our body, enriches our mind and soul. Good health is key to longevity. When we love ourselves, we will then be able to love and influence others to adopt a healthy lifestyle and build positive relationships with food.

The Internet is filled with endless nutrition and health information, so how do we discern the truth from fiction?

Live to Nourish wants to enrich your life with credible, easy-to-understand nutrition and health messages.

Founded and owned by a registered dietitian and a nutrition communication strategist in Canada, Live to Nourish knows the right way to communicate with the right type of audience. Our mission is to share practical and evidence-based nutrition and health information in plain language. We work with brands, public relations firms, workplaces, healthcare professionals, the media and more to engage the targeted audience.

Our website showcases a broad range of nutrition and health articles written by our team for our clients. Whether you are a client looking to work with us or simply a nutrition and health enthusiast looking for credible information, you are at the right place.

Are you looking for a nutrition and health writer for your upcoming project, or a quote for your news story from a registered dietitian? Contact us to discuss collaborations.