There is much to celebrate even during these trying times

The Easter bunny is definitely an essential service today, but all Easter celebrations we’re familiar with are essentially cancelled. From church services and large family gatherings to community egg hunts, celebrations have been halted for the good of our health. But traditions still remain and those generally mean food, and specific foods go hand in hand with specific holidays. Just why are delicious raisin-studded hot-cross buns associated with Easter? And what do eggs have to do with Easter

Why are we waging a war on wheat?

As Canadians gather this weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving, there is a growing movement afoot to demonize one of the staples of the Canadian harvest: wheat. An increasing number of books, blogs and celebrities have fingered wheat as the cause of a variety of conditions, from obesity to heart disease, as well as a host of digestive problems. One of the most talked-about health books right now is Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find Your Path Back to Health, a New York Times bes