Suffer From PMS? These Tips From a Registered Dietitian Could Help

A monthly visit from Aunt Flo can be bothersome, especially if you have pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS). PMS symptoms vary amongst women, ranging from feeling lethargic to having headaches, cramps, bloating and breast tenderness. PMS does not only affect your physical well-being, it may also affect your mood and sleep. Having multiple PMS symptoms may even affect your productivity and social life. There are natural remedies that can help with relieving PMS symptoms; however, eating right

Nutrition Tips For Surviving Pregnancy: A Registered Dietitian's Dos And Don’ts

Pregnancy is an incredibly special time for a mother-to-be, but it can also be a time of worry and confusion. As an expectant mother, you’re thinking about what to eat in order to maximise the nutrition and health of your little one. But understanding what to cut out and what to increase in your diet can be overwhelming. So, we decided to talk to a registered dietitian to get her quick do’s and don’ts of pregnancy nutrition to help you out. You’ll likely need to make some sacrifices and

Food Connects: Make Every Meal Count

No matter how old you are, where you are from and what your ethnic background is, we all have one thing in common:  our love for food.  Food brings people together.  It helps to start a conversation and to foster positive relationships.  Unfortunately, with our hectic schedules, there may be times where we eat alone, or where we tend to forget about the importance of sharing meals with others.   When we eat alone, we typically do not pay much attention to what we eat or how much we eat as we shi

I’m Pregnant…Now What? Nutrition Tips for Surviving Pregnancy from a Dietitian and Mama

You just found out that you are expecting so you obviously have a lot on your mind.  Nutrition is probably top of the list because your baby’s health comes first.  In this two-part series, I’m able to share my top nutrition tips as a registered dietitian and as new mother myself. If you don’t already take a daily pre-natal multivitamin,  start now.  A pre-natal multivitamin provides a wide range of vitamins and minerals, such as folate, iron and calcium, that are essential for supporting your g

Food is the Best Medicine

If you are recently diagnosed with a health condition, you can feel stressed and lost initially on how to make adjustments to your lifestyle.  If you are living with a chronic disease, you can also feel overwhelmed with managing the condition.  The good news is, registered dietitians can guide you and give you practical and evidence-based advice on food in every step of your disease management so you can make healthy food choices and improve your health at ease. Embracing and enjoying food is a

A Registered Dietitian’s Guide to Eating Out in Hong Kong

Eateries can be found in almost every corner of every street in Hong Kong, so understandably it can be challenging to avoid eating out, especially when you live or work in an area where restaurants and ready to eat foods are so available! While eating out on such a regular basis can have an adverse impact on your health, you can take charge by paying attention to what you plan to order and how much you eat. The next time you head to your favourite on-the-go or dine-in resto, follow these nine di

Nourish and Prevent

Did you know one in five Canadians live with a chronic disease, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and chronic renal disease?  Did you know cancer is the number one cause of deaths in our nation while heart disease is ranked second?  Whether you are at risk of these chronic diseases or not, there are lifestyle factors that influence your health, and food is one of them.  By eating a balanced and nutritious diet, you are not only nourishing your body and soul, you are also taking charge of y

Let’s Get Cooking! – Inspire Your Children in the Kitchen

Looking for an activity where you can spend quality time with your children?  Let’s get busy in the kitchen with your kids!  Parents are typically afraid of having children come close to the kitchen due to the likelihood of accidental spills and messes.  However, the advantages of getting children involved in the kitchen, whether they can help with grocery shopping, meal preparation or the actual cooking, are endless. These altogether can help children make healthier food choices and reduce the

Fuel Your Day with Nutritious Snacks

Snacking is inevitable when you lead a busy life.  Whether you work 9 to 5, you are a soccer parent or simply work from the comfort of your home office, you need to fuel your body when you are hungry.  How you choose your snacks and how much you eat, however, can have an impact on your health and overall well-being.   Here are seven tips for you to healthy snacking: A nutritious snack includes at least two of the four food groups from Eating Well Canada’s Food Guide.  Having said that, a snack

5 Dietitian-Approved Snacks to Help You Get Through the Work Day

Working nine to five and beyond is common in Hong Kong! Want to curb your mid-morning and afternoon cravings while eating on a budget? Whether you have a savoury or a sweet tooth, here are five dietitian-approved snacks that will help you get through the work day. Read more: You’ll Want to Try This $15 Superfoods Beauty Elixir Nuts are a nutrient powerhouse packed with protein and healthy fats. You probably know that protein keeps you feeling full and your muscles strong, but did you know that

Nutritionists Have Found that These Foods Can Help Reduce Anxiety

Stress is inevitable in our lives. Often, we think stress is related to negative attributes, but positive events such as a job promotion, moving, relocation, wedding planning and expecting a child, can all trigger stress. Stress can affect our mood and emotions. How we choose to deal with stress, on the other hand, can have profound effects on our mental and physical health. If we have issues with managing stress effectively, we may put ourselves at risk for mood disorders, anxiety and depressio

What You Need to Know About Children's Peanut Allergies

As parents, we naturally want know what to feed our baby when he or she is ready for solid foods. As one of the nine common allergenic foods, peanuts often come up in the frequently asked questions I get from parents. Particularly since so many children today are living with a peanut allergy, and so many schools have adopted a peanut-free (and sometimes a nut-free) environment. Read on to get the latest guidelines of introducing peanuts to your child, the advantages and the risks of introducing
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