Eat. Nourish. Love.

The team behind Live to Nourish believes we live to nourish: to nourish our body, our mind, our children and our family. Good health is key to longevity, and it can be achieved through nourishing our body and mind with food. By nourishing our body and mind, we are also loving our soul. When we love ourselves, we will then be able to love and influence others to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to build positive relationships with food. 

Live to Nourish is founded and owned by a registered dietitian and a nutrition communication expert in Canada who knows the right way to communicate with the right type of audience. Using credible nutrition information, Live to Nourish works with brands, public relation firms and the media to engage the targeted audience. Sharing practical and evidence-based nutrition information in plain language is our mission. Feel free to connect to discuss collaborations.